Damir is an insecure car-park attendant living a reclusive life. Tasya, a tourist, has her handbag and passport stolen and shows up, disoriented, on Damir's doorstep. He takes pity on her and offers her a bed for the night. She becomes ill overnight and is feverish and incomprehensible for a day, waking unable to remember who or where she is. Damir lets her stay while they try to solve this riddle. She spends her days in his flat while he continues his routine. However, instead of trying to find her own life again, she begins to impose herself into his world in an increasingly forceful way.

Damir cannot summon the courage to confront Tasya and she becomes progressively more comfortable and controlling. Damir’s sleep is broken by disturbing dreams as Tasya becomes more embedded in his life. She becomes aggressive and he feels his space invaded. He catches Tasya doing odd things, but begins to doubt his own perception of reality.

One day Damir arrives home from work to find Tasya has moved into his room and moved out all his belongings. He gathers all his strength to assert himself and make her leave, but she manipulates him into accepting the situation. Damir is left feeling helpless and that night becomes delirious with a fever, which may actually be Tasya’s doing. She nurses him but he suspects she has a darker agenda and is deliberately keeping him incapacitated. His dreams escalate and cross into his waking life, and Tasya dreams the same dreams, as if she has also taken over his unconscious.

Can Damir find it in himself to struggle out of this trap and regain control of his life, or will Tasya take him over completely, leaving no trace of Damir in the world?