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]].[ 2019 - Oct 27th, 7pm (doors @6:30pm)- Moving_Image_00:06, Chicago, screening of experimental film 'A New Kind of Ray' At DFBRL8R aka Defibrillator Gallery aka dfb [ZHOU B ART CENTER | 1029 W 35TH STREET, CHICAGO, IL 60609]


]].[ 5-8 October 2019 - MIKINO FILM WEEK: Bali International Short Film Festival, Bali, Indonesia, screening of experimental film, 'Sutures of a Landscape'


]].[ Debut feature film PAPAGAJKA available to watch online globally via these platforms [.] Seed&Spark [] Filmin Spain []






].[ 12-15 Sep 2019 - SUBURBINALE, Germany, screening of shadow-puppet video art piece 'Sutures of a Landscape'


].[ 21 Sep, from 4pm, 2019 - NO NATION GALLERY, Chicago, USA, duo exhibition of short film and video work, screening various single and 2-channel videos artworks and films, with Gonzalo Escobar Mora.


].[ July 2019 - 2-channel Video installation 'A New Kind of Ray' screening in PROJECT/POETRY, Durham, United Kingdom


].[ May 2019 - 2-channel Video Installation 'A New Kind of Ray' screening in LABOCINE Issue #34 Body Images


].[ May 2019 - Roman Susan & Wedge Projects Chicago STREETLIGHT SERIES, screening of experimental dance video 'On the Motion of the Heart and the Blood'


].[ May 2019 - 2-channel Video installation 'A New Kind of Ray' screened in the NO FLASH VIDEO SHOW, Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, USA


].[ 2018 - Artist in Residence Solo Capstone Exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, USA:

..........[.] 'SPECEMINS OF CHANCE & PLAY' - 2nd to 30th November 2018


].[ 2018 - THE POETRY OF MOVEMENT - a workshop on self-expression through interpretive play with movement:

..........[.] at The International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, Il, USA in the 'Hall of the Immortals'


].[ 2014 - {RECREATION OF A} RECREATION OF A BERGMAN FILM EXPERIMENT - A collaborative work with Bistrik7 artists, comissioned by Film Mutations Zagreb and screened during their 2014 Festival, also Presented at Ars Aevi Museum of Modern Art Sarajevo;


].[ 2015 - VRELO VODA - ephemeral site-specific mixed-media and video installation exhibited at Tito's Assembly Building, Bistrik7 Sarajevo, 2015


].[ 2012 - THE STORYMAKER - experimental film exhibited @ At Home With The Ludski's Pop-up Exhibition at The Rio Cinema, UK




SXSW (South by South West) Film festival, USA; Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina; East End Film Festival UK; Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, USA; San Francisco Independent Film Festival, USA; Festival de Cine de Bogotá, Colombia; Indianapolis International Film Festival, USA; Bophorus Film Festival, Turkey; Charlotte Film Festival, USA; FIC Autor Film Festival, Mexico; Pineapple Underground Film Festival, Hong Kong; Director's Fortnight Kolkata, India; Bridge Film Festival; Kosovo; Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, USA; Duplex 100m Square Gallery, Sarajevo; Amazon (UK/Europe, USA and South America), Fandor (North America); Bistrik7 Online Channel; London Short Film Festival, UK; New Wave Film festival, Bulgaria; Philadelphia Film Festival- USA; A Corto Di Donne, Italy; Monfilmat Festival, Spain; Kine Muestra, Mexico; International Film and Audiovisual Festival for Children and Youth (FICAIJ), Venezuela; Contact International Dance Festival, Canada; Muestra de cortos Internacional, Spain; II Muestra Internacional de Video Danza, Argentina; Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival, Hong Kong;  El Saman Festicine Video Imagen, Colombia; Portobello Film Festival, UK; Islantilla Cinefórum, Spain; Mutations Festival Zagreb, Craotia; Black Wave Festival, Sarajevo; London Fashion Week; Salento International Film festival, Italy; Skepto International Film Festival, Italy; Ankara Film Festival, Turkey; Mexico International Film Festival, Mexico; Pineapple Underground Film Festival, Hong Kong; Holding Hands with Strangers Event, UK; Northside Film Festival, USA; Monaco Charity Film Festival, Monaco; Queens World Film Festival, USA; WOW Film Festival and Tour, Australia; Blustocking Film Festival, USA; River Bend Film Festival, USA; ViewFinders Film Festival, Canada; Stoke Your Fires Film Festival, UK; Annapolis Film Festival, USA; Green Bay Film Festival, USA; Carolina Film and Video Festival, USA; Sopot Film Festival, Poland; International Short Film Festival of Drama, Greece; Cyprus International Film Festival, Greek Cyprus; This is England Film Festival, France; World Kids International Film Festival, India; Avanca International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia, Portugal; Best Short Film at The WIFTS (Women in Film & Television Foundation) Los Angeles, USA; Nominated for the Anthony Minghella Best International Short Award at Glimmer Hull Short Film Festival, UK; Nominated for Best Director, Van d’Or Awards at Cannes in a Van, UK/France; Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico; Odense Film Festival- Denmark; Revelation Perth Film Festival- Australia; Indianapolis International Film Festival- USA; Ankara Film Festival- Turkey; Hidden Door Festival- Edinburgh; Liverpool Biennial Contemporary Visual Arts Festival- UK; Sydney Underground Film Festival- Australia; Moves10 Framing Motion International Festival of Movement on Screen, UK; Libertas Film Festival, Croatia; The Monaco Charity Film Festival- Monaco; Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia; CamboFest, Cambodia; Underwire Film Festival, UK; ICA Script Lab London, UK; Best of SUFF at Rosnay, Australia; Film Festival Contravision- Germany; Portobello Film Festival- UK; Women's International Film and TV Showcase LA, USA; Ladybug Film Festival- Sweden; FD4W Film Festival- London; Leith Short Film Festival- 20 Minute Max Film Festival, Germany; WFTV Show us Your Shorts, UK; Young at Heart Film Festival, Australia; Philosophy in the Dark Film Festival, USA; Poppy Jasper Film Festival- USA; Salford Film Festival, UK; Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival, US; Glimmer Hull Short Film Festival- UK; Reykjavik International Film Festival Talent Lab; Avanca Meeting of Cinema , TV, Video and Multimedia- Portugal; Wimbledon Short Film Festival, UK; Festival of Festivals International Film Festival, Russia; Krakow Film Market, Poland; WOW Film Festival, Australia; Cannes in a Van, UK/France; UpNorth Film Festival, UK; Tiny Lights Film Festival, USA; Scream Queen Film festival, Tokyo; The Viper’s Nest featured video; Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Australia; Poppy Jasper Film Festival, USA; Access All Areas Film Festival, Australia; International Festival of Cinema and Technology, USA; Hawkesbury Film Festival, Australia; Portable Film Festival, Global; New York Downtown Short Film Festival, USA; WOW Regional Tour, Australia; JTV/ABC Australia; Prick of The Spindle Literary Arts Publication, Global; Berlinale Talents and Berlinale Short Film Station; The Rio Cinema, London; At Home With The Ludski's Pop-up Exhibition, UK; Seed&Spark, Online; The Pygmy Giant Literary Journey; Luna Station Quarterly Literary Journal; Ink Sweat and Tears Literary Journal; Prick of the Spindle Literary Journal; Six Little Things Literary Journal; VideoJam Manchester, UK; Parachute Film and Art Festival, France; Venezuela; Kifaga Niue Film Festival, Niue; Ozark ShortsFest, USA; Ars Aevi Museum of Modern Art Sarajevo; Salento International Film Festival, Italy; International Museum of Surgical Science Chicago, USA; Amazon Prime, online; Seed & Spark, online; Fandor, online; Sharjah Film Platform; No Festival Required Uncommon Cinema, UK; Suburbinal, Germany; At the Fringe Festival of Experimental Films and VIdeo Poems, Sweden; Girona Film Festival, Italy;




].[ 2019 Space on Ryder Farm Creative Resident Finalist


].[ 2018 Summer/Fall Artist in Residence at the International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, USA


].[ Chicago Artist Coalition FIELD/WORK Resident 2018/2019, Chicago, USA


].[ Berlinale Talents Participant and selected project for Berlinle Short Film Station, Germany


].[ Reykjavik Talent Lab Participant, Iceland


].[ ICA Lab invitee [former screenwriting development program of the ICA London]




].[ Papagajka: Winner of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Actress at Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 2017; Nominated for the Gamechanger Award at South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) 2016 ].[ Pangaea: New Wave Film festival, Bulgaria (Winner – Best Cinematography); ].[ Campers: Shortlisted for Best UK Short at Stoke Your Fires Film Festival; Won Silver Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival; ].[ The Storymaker: Prémio Vídeo at Avanca International Meeting of Cinema, Video and Multimedia (Portugal); Best Short Film at The WIFTS (Women in Film and Television Foundation) Los Angeles, USA; Nominated for the Anthony Minghella Best International Short Award at Glimmer Hull Short Film Festival, UK; Nominated for Best Director, Van d’Or Awards at Cannes in a Van 2011 (UK)].[ The Whisper Stop: Best Drama and Best Overall Film at Poppy Jasper Film Festival (US); Best Short Film at Hawkesbury Film Festival (Australia)



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